How helps us collaborate allows collaboration from anywhere, for all of our post-production needs. and keeps all of our notes and feedback organized. 

Clients can review cuts on their computer or even mobile phone with the app

Clients can review cuts on their computer or even mobile phone with the app

Notes. Changes. Tweaks. Fixes. Call them what you want – they’re an inevitable part of post-production and filmmaking in general. In video editing, making revisions can be one of the most challenging and head-scratching steps of the process. It can also be a very rewarding stage if it’s well-executed. No matter the project or client, even when you’re feeling proud and excited to present that first cut, you never know for sure what feedback your collaborators are going to come back to you with. 

So while you can’t avoid or control client feedback, what you can help manage is the communication process during this stage to make it smoother. That doesn’t just mean for you and your editor, it means ease for the client too. We’ve worked with a number of major clients and artists all over the world, all of whom all have a different style of communicating their feedback back to us. Unfortunately the often go-to method is the classic “cut and paste suggestions from multiple isolated sources” into a single, clunky email. This often results in redundant, missing or contradictory notes which can confuse the editor and everyone involved. Nobody wants this.

We’ve found a great solution in, an online media-sharing platform that makes it incredibly easy to upload, share, and organize video content between groups of people. Clients can add notes or comments in real-time while they review the latest edit, all of which are consolidated into a master list that everyone on both sides can review. This prevents redundant or contradictory suggestions, and a clear checklist for the editor to review and execute. Versions can also be presented in a leaner, cleaner fashion if you are simply sharing a video and not looking for the viewer to provide feedback. 

It’s no fun to sort through an endless batch of emails and this has proven to be a very effective solution for us and our clients. We’ve tried other services that provide similar tools such as Screenlight and even VimeoPro, but we’ve found Frame.IO to be the most reliable and client-friendly. Ultimately, the goal should be to keep everyone focused on the creative side and on making the video the best it can be.